The Federal Government of Canada held a public consultation process (that closed on December 15, 2016) regarding Bill C-51, or as it is now known,
the Anti Terrorism Act 2015.
But you can still tell them what you think!

This blog serves as a resource tool to better understand Bill C-51/Anti Terror Act 2015 , and a place to archive our podcasts of Unpacking Anti-Terrorism a series of discussions with leading experts sharing their analysis on C-51/ATA 2015, these discussions started in 2014 are continuing and are uploaded regularly – we hope they help Canadians better inform themselves about the a/effects of anti terror legislation on targeted communities.

The original definition of terrorism according to the Oxford English Dictionary?  “Government by intimidation.” These days, the word terrorism is used most frequently and most often to encourage fear centred around Muslims and Islam. This fear enables the government to implement policies and legislation that allow for mass surveillance, violations of the Charter and basic human rights, arrests and detentions without warrants  and other terrifying intrusions and controls of all its citizens.
In the name of National Security our Human Rights are in jeopardy.

We have seen these tactics before, the fear mongering and scapegoating of a clearly identifiable group in order to justify the ongoing agenda of control and centralization of power in federal governance. It is a common warning symptom of governments descending into the diseases of dictatorships, totalitarianism and fascism.
Bill C-51, is now law and known as the Anti Terrorism Act 2015. It has raised red flags since its inception and has been called out by hundreds of thousands of Canadians from a diversity of backgrounds and hundreds of Civil Liberties Associations, dozens of Senators and MP’s, former Prime Ministers, Journalist Associations and so many more.

Get educated, Now is the time to act!

  1. Check out what legal and security experts, affected individuals and communities are saying about Bill C-51. Visit Unpacking Anti Terrorism -Audio page.
  2.  It’s not too late to Participate in the Public Consultation on National Security before Dec 15 2016:
  3. Email or write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale, Minister of Justice/Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould about repealing the bill and holding a comprehensive consultation process with the public about national security legislation.
  4. Support Bill C-303 Private Members Bill to repeal “all aspects of Bill C-51, a bill in force for more than a year now, which still manages to infringe our civil liberties without making us safer.”
  5. Educate as many as you can and find direct and fun ways to act out your disapproval, concern and opposition to this legislation!
  6. Sign the Kill Bill C-51 petition and encourage others to support repealing C-51/ATA 2015.
  7. Sign Petition TO: Repeal Harper’s Bill C-51