Unpacking Anti-terrorism – Audio

Unpacking Anti-Terrorism: a series of discussions with leading experts sharing their analysis on C-51/ATA 2015, these discussions started in 2014 are continuing and are uploaded regularly – we hope they help Canadians better inform themselves about the
Anti Terror legislation. 

Part 3: 2018 Deconstructing Islamophobia in Canada

Khalid elGazzar on NoFlyListKids

Part 2: Post C-51/ATA 2015 Discussions-2017

Sunera_Thobani.jpg Sunera Thobani W Anushka Nagji March 13 2017 Paul Champ W Alnoor Gova March20 2017
micheal-vonnbccla Micheal Vonn Policy Director BCCLA W Anushka Nagji Feb20 2017  Yasmin jiwani_1  Yasmin Jiwani W Anushka Nagji Mar6 2017
tom_henheffer_cjfecjfe Tom Henheffer (Executive Director of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression) W Alnoor Gova Feb3 2017 jasmin-zine Jasmin Zine Professor Wilfrid Laurier University W Anushka Nagji
Feb 20 2017
barbara-perryl Barbara Perry Professor University of Ontario W Anuushka Nagji &
Alnoor Gova Jan4 2017
sukanya-pillay Sukanya Pilay Executive Director and General Counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association & Education Trust) W Anushka Nagji
Jan 12 2017
lorene-oikawa-1 najc-logo Lorene Oikawa (National Association of Japanese Canadians) W Anushka Nagji Dec19 2016 paul-cavalluzzo Paul Cavalluzzo Pt2 W Anushka Nagji (Dec19 2016)
matthew-behrens Matthew Behrens W Anushka Nagji Dec12 2016 tim-mcsorleylogo-iclmg-civil-liberties-monitoring-group Tim McSorley  (ICLMG) W Anuskha Nagji Dec12 2016  


 Yavar Hameed Yavar Hameed
W Anushka Nagji Part 3 (Nov 21 2016)
david-christopher-open-media David Christopher (OpenMedia)
W Anushka Nagji (Nov 21 2016)
boudjenane_mohamed Mohamed Boudjenane CAF W Anushka Nagji Dec5 2016  Desmond Cole Media .jpg  Desmond Cole W Anuskha Nagji Dec5 2016


Mobina Jaffer.jpg Senator Mobina Jaffer W Anushka Nagji & Alnoor Gova Part 2 Nov 28 2016 Rahat Kurd, a former hijab wearing activist, poses for a photo Rahat Kurd W Anushka Nagji Nov28 2016
 andrew-mitrovica-.jpg  Andrew Mitrovica W Anusha Nagji (Nov 14 2016)  Fathima Cader 2.jpeg   Fathima Cader (Public Interest Lawyer)
W Anushka Nagji Part2 (Nov 14 2016)
 paul-cavalluzzo.jpg Paul Cavalluzzo
W Anushka Nagji (Nov 7 2016) 
faisal-kutty Faisal Kutty 
W Anuskha Nagji
(Nov 7 2016)
sophieharkat  Sophie L Harkat
W Anushka Nagji Part2
 (Oct24 2016)
 Series Part 1 C-51 Discussions 2014-2015
 MONIA Mazigh.jpg  Monia Mazigh
W Anushka Nagji
Part 2 (Oct 24 2016)
 Mobina Jaffer.jpg Senator Mobina Jaffer W Imtiaz Popat & Alnoor Gova (May 25 2015)
micheal-vonnBCCLA.jpg Michael Vonn
W Alnoor Gova (Oct 10 2016)
 Monia Mazigh & Sophie Lamarche Harkat W Anushka Nagji (April 21 2015)
 omid-safi Dr Omid Safi & Zool Suleman on the Canada Day Bomb Plot: John Nuttall & Amanda Korody Case (Aug 11 2016)  Sukanya Pillay (CCLA) & Carmen Cheung (BCCLA) W Anushka Nagji  (March 31 2015)
 zool_suleman_1 Zool Suleman (Immigration Lawyer) (March 24 2015)
 andrew-mitrovica  Andrew Mitrovica W Alnoor Gova (July 18 2016)   fathima-cader Fathima Cader (Public Interest Lawyer) & Anushka Nagji  Part1 (March 23 2015)
 Faisal Bhabha    Faisal Bhabha (Associate Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School) & Yavar Hameed (Human Rights Lawyer) W Joshua Prowse Part1  (October 27 2014)  Yavar Hameed Yavar Hameed (Human Rights Lawyer ) & Faisal Bhabha(Associate Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School)  W Joshua Prowse Part2 (February 9th 2015)

Anushka Nagji, Joshua Prowse, Imtiaz Popat and Alnoor Gova have been discussing the a/effects of C-51/ATA 2015 and Canada’s security regimes and the implications upon targeted communities with leading experts at the forefronts opposing this legislation sharing their analysis.  These individuals come from diverse backgrounds including legal experts, public intellectuals, politicians, senators, journalists, community organizations, associations, and individuals and families directed affected by these laws. The discussions are free to share and download, more will be uploaded regularly – we hope they help Canadians better inform themselves about this legislation and do something about it. Stay tuned.