Paul Cavalluzzo W Anushka Nagji


Paul Cavalluzzo (a leading constitutional lawyer, acted as lead commission counsel to the Commission of Inquiry into the Actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Maher Arar. More recently, appointed by the Federal Minister of Justice to act as a Special Advocate in security certificate cases) W front line legal advocate Anushka Nagji recorded Nov 7 2016. Part 2 with Paul Cavalluzzo here.

Fathima Cader (Public Interest Lawyer) W Anushka Nagji Part2 Nov 14 2016

Fathima Cader (Public Interest Lawyer) W front line legal advocate Anushka Nagji Part2 recorded Nov 14 2016.

Fathima’s latest article is “Speaker’s Corner: Time to challenge counterterrorism programs. It discusses ATA’s new terrorism offences and the interplay with the RCMP’s terrible ‘Counter Violent Extremism’ (CVE) programs: Unlike in the US and UK, there has been very little critical analysis of these programs in Canada.

Part 1 recorded March 23 2015 here.

Micheal Vonn BCCLA W Alnoor Gova Oct10 2016

Micheal Vonn is a lawyer and has been the Policy Director of the BCCLA since 2004. She has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the Faculty of Law and in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies where she has taught civil liberties and information ethics. She is a regular guest instructor for UBC’s College of Health Disciplines Interdisciplinary Elective in HIV/AIDS Care. She has been honoured for her work in HIV/AIDS with both an AccolAIDS Award and a Red Ribbon Award, and she is the recipient of the 2015 Keith Sacré Library Champion Award for support, guidance and assistance given to the BC library community. Her publication credits include the Birkbeck Law Review, Surveillance and Society, Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, and Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law. Ms. Vonn is a frequent speaker on a variety of civil liberties topics including privacy, national security, policing, surveillance and free speech. She is currently a collaborator on Big Data Surveillance, a multi-year research projected lead by Queens University.  She is an Advisory Board Member of Ryerson University’s Centre for Free Expression and an Advisory Board Member of Privacy International.

Omid Safi W Suleman CanadaDayBombPlot EntrapmentCase Aug112016

Expert witness for the defense Dr. Omid Safi W Zool Suleman on the CanadaDayBombPlot EntrapmentCase Aug112016

The RCMP was found “manufacturing terrorism” one wonders with all the hype about terrorism being plotted and billons of dollars need to be spent to fight it – where does the RCMP have the time to manufacture terrorism and more importantly why?

Dr. Omid Safi, commissioned by the defence, as an expert witness; in the John Nuttall and Amanda Korody entrapment case, and Immigration Lawyer Zool Suleman, analyze the legal processes and outcomes of the so-called Canada Day Bomb Plot code named Project Souvenir by the RCMP.

On 29th August 2016, Madam Justice Bruce, ultimately concluded there was an abuse of process, illegalities and an inducement of an offence by the RCMP in this case.
Justice Bruce, ultimately concluded there was an abuse of process, illegalities and an inducement of an offence by the RCMP in this case.In her words, The RCMP “were clearly overzealous and acted on the assumption that there were no limits to what was acceptable when investigating terrorism. Within their ranks there were warnings given and ignored. There is clearly a need to curtail the actions of the police in a prospective sense to ensure that future undercover investigations do not follow the same path. Moreover, to permit the defendants’ conviction to stand in the face of this kind of police misconduct would be offensive and would cause irreparable damage to the integrity of the justice system. More on the reasons of the verdict available here:

Dr. Safi is an American Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and the Director of Duke Islamic Studies Center. He is a distinguished and prolific scholar specializing in Islamic Mysticism, contemporary Islamic thought and medieval Islamic history. For more information available here:
He is the past Chair for the Study of Islam, and the current Chair for Islamic Mysticism Group at the American Academy of Religion. Omid is the editor of the volume Progressive Muslims: On Justice, Gender, and Pluralism, which offered an understanding of Islam rooted in social justice, gender equality, and religious and ethnic pluralism. His works Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam, dealing with medieval Islamic history and politics, and Voices of Islam: Voices of Change were published 2006. His last book, Memories of Muhammad, deals with the biography and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad. He has forthcoming volumes on the famed mystic Rumi, contemporary Islamic debates in Iran, and American Islam.
Omid blogs at OnBeing
Omid has been among the most frequently sought speakers on Islam in popular media, appearing in The New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, PBS, NPR, NBC, CNN and other international media. He leads an educational tour every summer to Turkey, to study the rich multiple religious traditions there. The trip is open to everyone, More information on Illuminated Tours

Zool Suleman is an Vancouver based lawyer whose legal practice focuses on immigration, refugee and citizenship law for more information go to A former refugee from Uganda, he has been active in the fight against racial profiling since the events of 9-11. He was part of a movement to stop racial profiling in Canada which included public advocacy, legislative amendments in Canada’s parliament and a scholarly research project funded, in part by the Law Foundation of British Columbia. Recently, he has been involved as a member of the steering group that created Canada’s first Islamophobia Helpline, which included support from the BC Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Bar Association. He has been a member of the Mayor’s Working Group on Immigration in Vancouver since 2005 and in this position has helped to develop municipal policy as consultant and a writer. He is a frequent media commentator for a variety of regional, national and international media outlets. He writes for the National Observer and is a regular guest on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM.

This discussion is a part of a series titled ‘Unpacking Anti-Terrorism’, presenting discussion and analysis by leading Muslims from diverse backgrounds on the a/effects of anti-terror laws on Canadian society in general and on Muslims and their communities in particular. Contributing authors include legal experts, public intellectuals, politicians, senators, community organizations as well as individuals and family members directly affected by the post 9/11 anti-terror / security legislation and regimes.

Sukanya Pillay (CCLA) & Carmen Cheung (BCCLA) W Anushka Nagji March31 2015

In this discussion Anushka takes Sukanya and Carmen beneath the problems of new legal regimes to talk about what’s at stake for Canadian society as a result of the effects of the Anti-Terror Act 2015.

Sukanya Pillay (Canadian Civil Liberties Association) & Carmen Cheung (then with the BC Civil Liberties Association) W front line legal advocate Anushka Nagji Recorded Mar31 2015.

Faisal Bhabha & Yavar Hameed W Prowse Part 1 Oct27 2014

A discussion on the effects of Canada’s AntiTerrorism legislation with Faisal Bhabha an Associate Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School and human rights lawyer Yavar Hameed cover some of the wide ranging implications of Canada’s anti-terror laws with lawyer Joshua Prowse.

This discussion took place days after the Parliament Hill shootings in October 2014 an antecedent to the introduction of Bill C-51 eventually given royal assent and became the Canadian Anti-Terror Act 2016.

Professor Faisal Bhabha (Osgoode Law) & human rights lawyer Yavar Hameed W Joshua Prowse Part 1 Recorded Oct 27 2014

Part Two Here and Part Three with Yavar Hameed Here

Yavar Hameed & Faisal Bhabha W Prowse Part 2 Feb9 2015

Part two of the series AntiTerrorism Faisal Bhabha Associate Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School and human rights lawyer Yavar Hameed revisit and expand on the wide ranging implications of Canada’s anti-terror laws with lawyer Joshua Prowse on one month after Anti-Terrorism Act 2015 was introduced in Parliament.

Human rights lawyer Yavar Hameed & Professor Faisal Bhabha W Joshua Prowse Recorded Feb 9 2015

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