About Us

Antiterror.ca serves as a call to action to participate in the Public Consultation on National Security although the consultation closed on December 15, 2015, you can still tell the government what you think about their anti-terror laws.  The blog serves as a resource tool to better understand Bill C-51/Anti Terror Act 2015 , and a place to archive our podcasts of Unpacking Anti-Terrorism a series of discussions with leading experts sharing their analysis on C-51/ATA 2015, these discussions started in 2014 are continuing and are uploaded regularly – we hope they help Canadians better inform themselves about the a/effects of anti terror legislation on targeted communities.

This site collates some of the key statements from leading civil liberties associations and advocacy organizations from across the country highlighting several key issues and concerns about this legislation and calling on the government for an unconditional repeal of the Anti Terror Act 2015.

Beyond the Public Consultation on National Security ending on December 15, 2015, this blog will serve as a resource tool disseminating information and mobilizing support for Bill 303 which seeks to repeal all aspects of Bill C-51.

Alnoor Gova and Anushka Nagji have curated this blog and produced the audio series Unpacking AntiTerrorism.  We are humbled by the work our guests do in their respective fields and thankful of the time they continue to spend sharing their expertise, experiences, perspectives and analysis with us. A big thank you to the organizations and associations at the forefronts working to educate on the inherent and present dangers of Anti-Terrorism Legislation has for all Canadians – some we have highlighted in this blog, and others that support and endorse this initiative at engaging communities overtly targeted by these laws.


We are continuing this dialogue, uploading new discussions – and mobilizing communities to fight for our safety.

Stay Tuned. Stay Safe. Stay Vigilant.